Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers with affordable heating solutions, that works to expectations.  Communication is key to achieving the best outcomes and pride ourselves on our experience and workmanship. 
At Carrington's, we establish long-standing relationships out of trust and  customer satisfaction. 

At Carrington Plumbing & Central Heating Wellington, our goal is to provide quality workmanship, working with our customers to achieve a tailored solution in both functionality and practicality. 
From start to finish, we will be there to ensure our customers continue to be part of our team from now and well into the future.  

Company Profile

Central Heating Solutions in Wellington

Carrington Plumbing​ & Central Heating Wellington 


Radiator Central Heating

Our Commitment

​We are committed to quality and ensuring that our customer's are a valued part of our team and not just another job.  

Our Systems and Solutions 

Working with local suppliers, we design packages that the customer desires, whether its high-end or entry level, we work to appropriate budgets to achieve the desired outcomes. 
We have access to both gas or electrical systems, which would suit a wide preference base from standard to the more eco-conscious. 
The most basic things get forgotten, but we are passionate about the little things, as without the little things, the bigger things fall down because they lose their support structures.  One example is yearly servicing, a little thing that could cause major headaches, from loss of hot water or heating to something far worse.  Servicing is a crucial factor in retaining warranties of equipment, but also ensures safety for your family and home. For peace of mind and a small cost, yearly servicing is something that we are passionate about at Carrington's. 
We can provide a design for your ideal heating solution, just give us a call and we can discuss your needs. 
Carrington Plumbing & Central Heating Wellington Ltd  

Owner: Alex Tait

Team Certifications: Certifying Plumber and Gas Fitter


Areas of expertise: 

Hydronic Central Heating including  Radiator systems and Underflooring


Gas Fitting

With experience in new and renovations of Bathrooms and kitchens, as well as working with architects for New homes.